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Episode 43 – Reunion Demands, Mike’s Least Favorite Ep & Ween!

July 12, 2017

Feral Audio:



In this episode the guys talk about their recent visit to Chicago for a Pete & Pete reunion and their fake demands! Mike explains his least favorite Pete & Pete episode and the Ween show in NYC is discussed!



  • Mike: “Everything you own in a pod to the left.”
  • Jeremy: “Can you imagine Danny in a jetpack?”
  • Mike: “The world is not a zero-sum game even though in the end the love you make is equal to the love you take.”
  • Mike on monorails to airports: “We are the assholes of the transportation world.”
  • Mike: “Fuck Florida.”
  • Jeremy on how fans can express interest in a Pete & Pete tour: “Take out an ad on Telemundo.”
  • Danny: “Thank you to the city of New York for not busting people for selling nitrous oxide outside of the Ween show.”

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