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Mini Episode,

Minisode 1

July 19, 2017



In our premiere minisode we open some very Pete-cific fan mail from Colin, post some free stickers and talk about appropriate dosing!



  • Mike: “Send us your SAQs. Your Seldom Asked Questions.”
  • Danny: “Whoever wants to call in, call in,  and you won’t get anybody because this isn’t a call-in show.”
  • Mike on getting listener mail: “If you wanna leave something in the hollow tree on Flatbush & Empire I will get there every other week.”
  • Mike on tacos: “We need to be a fan of more vegetarian things.”
  • Danny on LSD in fanmail: “For the listener: if you are trying in kill me, I’d really appreciate [it happening] after the wedding.”
  • Mike on drugs: “Stay in school.”
  • Danny and Mike on getting slipped acid: “There’s only one way to dose us…and that’s through our seltzer.”
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