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Up Next: Episode 22 – “Holiday Power Hour 2” w/Brett Davis


Our second annual Holiday episode is right around the corner! The tradition continues with a mug of Danny’s famous grog, some good old fashioned video yule log and that piece of work Drunk Santa! Talking points this month include the December warmth, broken glass, Mike’s poor dying cat and Danny’s gerd! In the guest seat this month is comedian (and 2015 Andy Kaufman award winner) Brett Davis! Happy Holidays and as always–spirits are high!! (For all you drinkers out there, play along with us and take a drink every time you hear “Spirits are High!”)

Up Next: Episode 19 – “The Road to Fort Wayne LIVE” w/Nate Utesch & Jared Bush


This month the guys hit the road for a LIVE podcast at the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne Indiana! Along the way they have hot dogs at Tony Packo’s, Mike spots ALOT of birds of prey and they end up learning numerous fun facts about Fort Wayne! Guesting this month is Jared Bush (Let’s Comedy) and Nate Utesch (Metavari).


Up Next: Episode 18 – “Rock-n-Roll Nostalgia” w/Steve Kandell


This month the guys embarked on their second adventure to the greater Philadelphia area where they waded through a sea of Chads, caught a Superchunk/Replacements show and crowned a new Pizza King! Our guest this month is current Buzzfeed features director and former “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” A.D., Steve Kandell! (@SteveKandell)

Up Next: Episode 17 – “Street Stalking Man” w/Greg Johnson


Spring is here and the guys have turned their backs on the nice weather in favor of sitting in front of a couple microphones! Talking points this episode include The Tamberelli Law, a big GTA V swag update and of course, catheters! Our guest for this episode is comedian Greg Johnson!

Up Next: Episode 16 – “Snowy Chicken & Waffles” w/Ramon Rivas


For this month’s episode, the guys are doing whatever it takes to kill those wintertime blues! In the midst of one of many snowstorm’s this year, the guys visit Pies and Thighs in Brooklyn for some donuts, chicken and waffles and line-waiting! Chowing down with us this month is comedian Ramon Rivas!

Up Next: Episode 15 – “Number Ones & Number Twos” w/Tera Melos


For the final leg of our Fall 2014 mini-tour the guys hit The Space in Hamden, CT for a very candid discussion about… well… pee & poop! Other talking points include life on the road as a band, baby skunks, Ween and of course, Mike’s continued hatred of brands! Our guests for this episode are the masters of rock themselves, Tera Melos!

Up Next: Episode 14 – “Philly Oddities LIVE” w/Sally Burtnick


For this month’s BONUS episode the guys continue their 2014 Fall mini-tour with a trip to the city of brotherly love Philadelphia PA for a live performance at the PHit Theatre. Talking points include Jesus Christ poses, Mike Kaminski, snack cakes and Mike’s continued hatred of brands! Our guest for this episode is the lovely Sally Burtnick (“The Macaulay Culkin Show”)!

Up Next: Episode 13 – “Deep Dish Dodgeball” w/Candy Lawrence

d1160241-jarrettarnoldPhoto Credit – Jarrett Arnold

In this month’s episode, the guys begin their Fall 2014 mini-tour in Chicago where they clamp down on some real deep dish pizza, as well as, a friendly game of America’s newest craze–dodgeball. The lovely Lincoln Hall is the setting for this LIVE episode presented our friends at Consequence of Sound with special guest, Comedian Candy Lawrence. So rush up to that line and grab as many balls as you can for this hard hitting, pizza filled, gut churning episode! Deep Dish Dodgeball is here!

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