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Episode 44 – Live from Union Hall w/John Gallagher Jr.

July 28, 2017

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In our first residency show at Union Hall in Brooklyn, the guys screen some of their lesser remembered commercials from the 90’s, chat with Tony Award Winner & Musician John Gallagher Jr and are blatantly challenged by a pair of rival tv brothers (Andrew Short, Reid Faylor)!

Live Show Video Links:
Danny as Legomaniac
Mike’s Koosas Commercial



  • Jeremy: “We will be casting tomorrow for Danny’s mom.”
  • Danny on Mike’s projector: “He’s so analog that he brought a projector he brought a projector here to show you a commercial that he was able to get the actual film footage for, which is actually pretty cool but inherently Brooklyn.”
  • Mike: “I have a cave-in in my head from when my sister hit me with a regular Cabbage Patch doll.”
  • Mike: “That’s hepatitis jokes in back-to-back episodes; one more and I’m gonna ring ya up.”
  • Mike: “I might have named [my son] after Steven Gerrard, who’s a Liverpool football player and who was once allegedly arrested for beating up a DJ for not playing Phil Collins at a nightclub.”
  • Danny on providing anecdotes: “None of us prepped a story! It just comes out, do you understand?”
  • Mike: “I think Dan has sort-of a long-game plan to change his name to Jounce.”
  • Danny: “My friends from Jersey call me Tambo.”
  • Mike: “This is the whole thing for Catholic moms right here. You’ve cracked open an industry.”
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