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Episode 45 – Team Handball, CPAP Bidets & Biking in Kabul w/JP Patterson

August 02, 2017

Feral Audio:



In this week’s episode the guys discuss hotel needs like CPAP machines for snorers, portable bidets and biking in Kabul with guest and drummer extraordinaire JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson!






  • Danny and JP: “Either the glass is half full or the glass has Xanex in it.”
  • Danny on George Bush Sr.: “You’re too old to eat those pickles.”
  • Mike: “Danny, we should install an EXIT sign.”
  • Mike: “Luckily JP doesn’t know what Jeremy’s farts sound like.”
  • Mike: “I think it’ll be smart when hotel rooms start offering CPAP machines.”
  • Danny: “I don’t have hemmorhoids.”
  • Mike on Danny’s bad habits: “At least it’s not as bad as picking cigarettes up off the ground.”
  • Danny: “We need to get JP into every country to chill ’em all out.”
  • Mike on racecar driving: “Doesn’t it get boring just making lefts?”
  • Danny on handball: “I feel like there’s a couple team handball fans out here. If you are, you make sure you send us a message to tell us how we’re doing a great job spreading the word about team handball.”
  • Mike on Danny doing Jp’s plugs: “You don’t have to coach him through the plugs. He can plug his own plugs.”
  • Mike on a new name for The Dictators NYC: “What about Penis Potato Local?”
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