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Episode 41 – Getting Grieco’d, Towers at Abbie’s & Bubble Gut!

June 15, 2017

Feral Audio:



This month’s episode follows the guys to beautiful Parsippany, New Jersey for the 2017 Chiller Theater horror convention. Talking points include how Cheap Hotel Pizza + Rippers +  Towers at Abbie’s (in Danny’s beloved Wycoff NJ) will give you Bubble Gut, Perfect Strangers reunion and let us not forget getting Grieco’d!

Mentions in the Episode

Quotes from the Episode:

  • Danny: “For all the listeners out there listening because it’s a nostalgia trip: you’re welcome.”
  • Mike on Chiller Theatre: “It was like going to a horror convention in the basement of a Wal-Mart.”
  • Danny: “The best kind of pizza is free pizza.”
  • Mike on seeing Danny’s parents’ house: “We finally got to see the box that your parents floated here in.”
  • Mike: “Much respect to all the internet commenters out there who say that we don’t look like we’ve aged that much.”
  • Danny of justifying doing nerdy conventions: “Everyone has a kink, right?”
  • Jerermy on lack of knowledge about  tilapia consumption: “I’m not afishionado.”
  • Mike: “Welcome to the podcast – shits and selling out.”
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