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Live Episode,

Episode 48 – LIVE at Union Hall w/Jon Glaser

August 22, 2017

Feral Audio:


This week’s episode was recorded live at Union Hall where the guys discussed Adult Napping, Fur Coats and CLock Rings! All this and special guest Jon Glaser!

Big thanks to Brett Davis and Josh Lay!

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  • Danny: “I don’t have kids so I don’t have Dad stories but yesterday I was in a bouncy house.”
  • Mike: “When you have a good nap, you just want to wallow in it a little.”
  • Danny on Mike: “He says a lot of things that I don’t understand.”
  • John: “When I was a kid I used to call milk melk and pillow pellow and I caught a lot of shit for it.”
  • Jeremy: “What you need is thock ring: thumb cock ring.”
  • Danny: “The only sport we had at my school was ultimate frisbee.”
  • Mike to Danny: “You’re a Hulu abuser!!!”
  • Danny: “The only one onstage who knows what crack looks like: Michael C. Maronna.”
  • Danny: “Just say something about The Simpsons and we’ll get right back on track.”
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