Here are some wonderful people who have contributed to the podcast and made it what it is today! You should check them out!

“Anthony worked with us over the course of a couple months to design our main podcast logo and also the logo we use at our live shows. He meticulously took the very loose input we had and created something that fits perfectly with the youthful, adventurous vibe Danny and Mike is all about.”

“Seth is one of the most talented comedy photographers in the business. His book “Funny Business” is an incredible look at the NY/LA comedy scene over a six year span, capturing more than 200 funny people in hilarious photo form. He’s never short on ideas and we’re beyond lucky to have had him shoot our promo photos for the podcast.”

“We’re lucky to be a part of such a wonderful podcasting community such as Feral Audio. Dustin has guided three people who had relatively no podcasting experience towards what the podcast is today. He’s never without input if we need it, and produces some of the best content on the internet.”

“Todd is a talented cartoonist that creates our Comic Recap‘s for our episodes. These one page strips give the listener a fun visual reference pre/post listening. His comic sense and artful eye are a perfect fit for the podcast. He has also created some of our live show posters and keep an eye out for the very first Danny and Mike T-shirt designed by the man himself.”

“Mark was kind enough to lend us his Miracle Legion song “The Backyard” for use as our theme song. Not only is the song perfect itself, but it’s a perfect fit for the tone of our show!”