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Episode 4 – Holiday Power Hour w/Beth Hoyt

December 20, 2013

Feral Audio:


The holidays are upon us and Danny and Mike decided to get festive with a good old fashioned power hour. What better way to swallow the holidays than with drinking beer from shot glasses in rapid succession? We see no way that this could end badly. Along for the ride this month is the wonderful Beth Hoyt (“My Damn Channel LIVE”, “Beth in Show”) who gave us the scoop on holidays in Wisconsin, the downfall of her beloved brussel sprouts and most importantly Busch Light! Also! Keep your ears peeled for a very interesting visit from the ever inebriated Drunk Santa! So grab yourself a six pack and join us for this very special episode. Remember to drink each time you hear the phrase “Spirits are High”! And most importantly Happy Holidays from the whole D/M team — Danny, Mike, Jeremy and Marianne! Thanks for a great 2013!894890 893901892 899889IMG_6638




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